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Related post: Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 22:38:47 EDT From: Subject: "Richard Bucket" (Part Four)OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: This story is FICTION based upon FICTIONALcharacters. "KEEPING UP APPEARANCES" toplist nonude is a BBC Production and is written and directed tgp 15 yr toplist by toplist free pics Harold Snoad. fourteen girl toplist Well, guys, here is Chapter Four, and incest art toplist a number of readers who have requested Richard Bucket's big, bulky daddy-bear df toplist porn Onslow be brought into the action will really enjoy this chapter.....UNZIP ANDENJOY!! A few days after Richard's hot orgy with Emmett and the Vicar, he was sent (by Hyacinth naturally) over her sister Daisy's to pick up some old family toplist clip photos of Daddy she wished to havecopied. But, when Richard got to Daisy's, he found only Onslow at home. Daisy was away on a coach trip for the day porno toplist foto at the seaside with some of her neighbour lady friends, and Rose was away for the weekend with her latest boyfriend, Mr. Butterfield. "HI, DICKIE!" Onslow boomed, clapping his brother-in-law on the shoulder as he ushered him into the unkempt, toplist children naked tacky, knick-nack strewn shy toplist living room that snobbish Hyacinth loathed with apassion. "Just me alone for the about a beer and somecrisps?" " That sounds wonderful, Onslow," Richard replied, toplist non nude taking off his fedora and dabbing the sweat from 3d incest comix toplist his forehead with his handkerchief. As Onslow russian nude toplist bent over to piss girls toplist retrieve a bag of smoky bacon-flavor crisps, Richard felt his cock start to harden. Onslow df toplist real cp was 101 illegal toplist a big, toplist girls school beefy bear of a man, and, when he bent over, his big, round arse strained at the seat of his tight, worn jeans. Something about his bulky brother-in-law's massive backside was sending jolts of lust through his body. Richard HAD to get his hands on Onslow's big arse...but how?? Fortunatley, Richard was smart. Richard started talking about his school days, and how well he remembered the canings top teen russian toplist administered to the well-rounded backsides of his mates..and hisown. "Were you rape toplist fuck caned often,Onslow?", " Richard asked, mafiasex toplist trying to cover the growing bulge behind the fly of his suit trousers. The beer had loosened up Onslow considerably. "Yeah, Dickie," he chuckled, scratching his japanese schoolgirl toplist massive gut through his bulgingundershirt. "Truth was, I LOVED to get caned...there was forced sex underground toplist somethin' about russian schoolgirl toplist dropping your trousers uncensored pre toplist and bending over and boy toplist getting your arse caned by a strong-armed bloke that got to ya every time....truth was Dickie, that I KNEW the headmasters and prefects all wanted a lol teens toplists turn at thrashing my big round arse, and, they loved it and so did illegal child porn toplist I! I russian sex free toplist could never sit comfortably but I always got my demerits erased!" By now, Richard was openly stroking his throbbing erection behind 3d girls toplist his toplist ls magazine fly; toplist ukraine nude Onslow noticed and laughedloudly. "I guess I still got that old magic, wanna toplist teenz thrash me fat arse too!" Richard could not believe what he was hearing...Onslow actually WANTED him child sex picks toplist to thrash his fat, beefy, lazy arse!! " Before he could reply, Richard spotted an old cricket bat standing up in the corner with assorted other junk, the usual decor' in df toplist cp sex Daisy's living room. Richard doffed his suit jacket, rolled up his teen photos russian toplist shirt sleeves, and grabbed the bat by thehandle. "ALL RIGHT, cute incest toplist ONSLOW!" Richard barked "DROP YOUR TROUSERS AND ASSUME THE POSITION.....YOU'RE HERE TO BE THRASHED FOR INSUBORDINATION!" Onslow's piggish eyes glinted baby rompl toplist with lust, and a sex toplist cumshot broad toplist nude angel grin spread over his florrid, beefy face. "YES,SIR!" Onslow replied, and Richard saw a good-sized lump behind Onslow's fly as ls toplist his big hands began to unbuckle his belt. toplist japanese nude teens Onslow then turned his dark cp toplist back on Richard, and dropped his jeans to his ankles, along with his 3d sex toons toplist checkeredboxers. "OH, LORD!", Richard groaned, "WHAT toplist 100 illegal AN INCREDIBLE ARSE!!" Onslow's bum was big, hairy, and well-rounded; two huge meaty mounds of man-flesh that needed and DESERVED to be thrashed! Onslow bent over the back of the worn-out settee, thrusting his massive, furry arse out.....waiting for punishment. teen cherry topsite toplist Richard could not see it, but Onslow's fat, thick cock was hard as hell, drooling lube onto the worn ped toplist upholstery. Richard felt his own cock leak more lube into toplist teen star his boxers, and, already, a dime-sized lube stain appeared to the left of his fly. Without a word, Richard pulled back his arm, and brought the cricket bat down hard against Onslow's fat, toplists teen hairybumcheeks. CRRRRAAAACCKKKK CRRRAACCCCKKK CRRRRRAAACCCKKK CRRRAAACCCCKKK CRRAACCCCKKKKK teen nude toplist 15 Onslow gritted his teeth and grunted heavily as Richard ukrainian porn toplists thrashed his big backside with the old cricket bat. Again and again Richard swung that old bat with all his strength, watching those two massive, furry underground illegal toplist mounds of arseflesh bounce and quiver, and slowly turn from pink to red and to crimson. CRRRAACCKKK toplist galls CRRRAACCKK CRRRACCKKKKK CRAAACCKKKKK Soon, Onslow's fat, hairy arsecheeks were a hot, teen thong toplist flaming red, and Richard's cock throbbed as he watched his bulky brother-in-law's fat baby sex toplist arse quiver and shake with each powerful blow. Onslow muttered, cursed, toplist boylove and groaned as he humped his beer-can cock hard against the oldsofa. "OHHH, nudist pictures toplists CHUFFIN' HECK, DICKIE," Onslow groaned "I'VE NEEDED THIS FOR TOO LONG NOW...DON'T STOP, MATE!" Richard DID stop, but only long enough to retrieve an old gym shoe he spied underneath the telly. "I bet you got that fat bum slippered quite a bit, too, Onslow!" Before Onslow could teeny hentai toplist reply, Richard got 3d porn toplists next to Onslow, and his arm encircled teen toplist nu Onslow's thick waist. Licking his lips, he raised the old gym shoe and started thrashing Onslow's sore, furry arse with the kids bikini toplist sole. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT pregnant sex toplist SPLAT kd quality toplist SPLAT SPLAT teen toplist movie SPLAT Onslow reelkiddymov toplist gave up all pretenses of toughing it out, and, to Richard's delight, started yelping, whimpering, and crying outloudly. Soon, tears of submission and long pent-up petit teen toplist gallery lust were coursing down Onslow's beefy jowls, and his plump arsecheeks, jiggling and bouncing like Jello on a plate, were now an angry, deep crimson, twin orbs of furry, well-blistered flesh. Richard could not hold back; his balls were ready nudists family archives toplist to explode. He threw the old gym shoe down and unzip his fly. He hauled toplist russia sex out his throbbing executive cock and rubbed it against Onslow's left blistered arsecheek while he roughly squeezed and rubbed the other. Onslow naturisten toplist winced at Richard's rough handling of his poor, battered backside, but only toplist teenporn humped the old sofa harder. "UGHHHHHHH..UGHH..AUGHHH..OOHHHLOOORRRRD!!" Richard growled, as his fist flew up and down his aching cock, and his thick, sticky cum shot out violently, splattering across the vast expanse of his bearish brother-in-law's furry, flaming backside. "HERE IT COMES, DICKIE......UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..OHHHYESSSSSSSS!!" Onslow moaned, and toplist incest teens his fat dick began anal toplist spraying thick, scalding jets of jizz all over the worn upholstery of the oldsofa. Jet after jet shot out of his stubby cock, and he felt Richard's massive sperm-load dribble down into his sweaty crack, and down his thick, tree-trunk legs. "OHHHHH,NICE!!" Onslow muttered, having experienced an orgasm he'd not felt in ages. Secretly, like Richard, he favored blokes over females, alfa sex toplist but only married out of duty. Daisy was always family naturist toplist complaining about how infrequently they had sex these days. kiddy incest toplist It wasn't cunt Onslow often he'd have ls girl toplist to sneak down to the basement for a good wank after seeing one of Rose's sexy, studly gentleman friends!! toplist 10yr old girl But Richard had ANOTHER surprise for him.....he dropped to his knees and started licking his hot load of sperm from Onslow's sister porn toplist meaty, hairy, torturedbumcheeks. "OOHH,NICE!!!" Onslow muttered again, as he felt Richard's fingers pull his fat cheeks apart, and his tongue chilporn toplist slither into the hairy, sweaty jungle that hid his tight, puckered bunghole. "AAWWWWWWDICKIE!!!!!!!" Onslow grunted, loving the feel of his dapper brother-in-law's tongue rimming his fat, , well-thrashed arse. Then, Richard stood up, and, he dropped his suit trousers and reached into his lube-splotched teen toplist 12yo boxers and pulled out video teen toplist his chld toplist own angry cock, legal nudist toplist which was stiff as hell teeny porn toplist again. Onslow felt that thick tube of bone-hard flesh slip between his glowing, tiny pussy toplist blisteredmounds.......... "OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHBLIMEY!!" Onslow groaned, as he incest girls toplist felt Richard's cock start to ease its way deeper into his tight bunghole, a bunghole that had not been buggered in decades. "YESSSSSSS...OHHYESSSSSS,ONSLOW...YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT," teen russian toplist Richard snarled as he thrust deeper between Onslow's glowing globes. Then, he grabbed Onslow's bulging waist and started thrusting in and out of his brother-in-law's big arse, loving the way that tight chute clamped down on his cock like avice. Of course, Onslow's cock had again stiffened, and he was grinding it again against the cum-sticky sofa as his randy brother-in-law buggered him good. Then Richard reached under Onslow's sweaty undershirt, 14 yo toplist and started pinching his stiff nipples and kneading his pudgy, furry tits. Onlsow grunted in approval as Richard's hands worked over his massive, hairy chest. Then, Richard moved his hands down and felt up Onslow's thick flanks with one hand while spanking his fat, sore, jiggling arse with illegal toplist kds the other. He thrust in and out of Onslow's sweaty bum like hentai toplist a sex-starved animal, loving the feel of that tight chute milking his aching member. childsex toplist fisting toplist ass teen toplist incest toplists Every thrust of Richard's cock battered Onslow's prostate anew.......erotic shockwaves radiated from his pulverized prostate through every inch of his masculine, chunkybody. For an older man, Richard again felt like a teenager, totally alive and glowing, free from his dominating wife Hyacinth!! Suddenly, Onslow snarled, "OOHHYEAHH....DICKIE....DICKIE..YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME DO IT...YESSSSS..YESS...OOHHFUCKKKKKKK..UGHHHHHHHH!!!" 16 yo toplist Bucking violently, Onslow shot another massive load, and, again, volleys of jizz splattered all over the worn sofa, joining the load that uk toplist erotic still dribbled down from earlier. Onslow's asshole clutched and massaged Richard's throbbing cock, bringing him to the brink of noreturn. "OHHH,ONSLOW..I WANTED TO BUGGER YOU FOR SO LONG..OOHH, ONSLOW..YESS..TAKE IT..TAKE..UGHHH..UGHHHHHHHH!!" Slapping Onslow's quivering bum harder, Richard's cock let nude girl toplist loose in Onslow's beefy arse, and his hot, steaming cum sprayed the depths of Onslow's poor, abused bum toplist sex 3d like a fire hose. Richard, his dress shirt soaked through with sweat, his balls aching, his cock slowly deflating in Onslow's fat, tortured arse, leaned forward and whispered in Onslow's ear "What did you think of that, Onslow?" toplist vagina pics Onslow only grinned and replied, "OHHH, NICE!!" THE END ru toplist porn Hope you readers enjoyed! Comments and feedback are always toplist grils welcome! Part 5 will be coming soon.........(!!)
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